How to Change Your Life – A 6 Step Approach

How to Change Your Life - A 6 Step Approach

So, how does one change their life?

This is the most common question of the people around us. I personally wish that every day you could get the answer to this interesting question.

Let me give you an answer now. a) personally, I can say that its up to you and Alan to change the way your thinking, how you perceive, feel, and act. you do not need anyone else to do that for yourself, and b) I can help you to develop this new strong and beautiful attitude in 6 steps. I have worked through this myself and using the lessons I realised this process has helped me. You can donate here:

  1. Spend Time with Yourself- So, firstly you must spend time with yourself reading and thinking about what YOU want in life. You must then carry this around with you everywhere you go, say, for example, when you wake up you must try and visualise yourself as a successful business man, trying big things that help your future, living the law of abundance, having a discipline and character that want your self to be successful, have faith, think positively, believe in what your doing, but you have to do this.
  2. Look after Yourself- You must keep your mind focussed on what you want in your life so that you can create all the thoughts and ideas that is in alignment with this idea, and continuously keep your thoughts away from what your don’t want.
  3. Use the Power of the Right Brain- When you’ve written down your personal goal, it’s a no brainer to attract what you want in life, you must use the power of the right brain to enable you to create the opportunities and the results you want. It may be that this is the most important purchase you ever have, to make for yourself. The right brain is the smart part of the brain. The left brain can work for many things but we have to have the right and the appropriate mind for the right reasons.
  4. Are Clear on WHY you Do What You Do- It’s so important to become clear about your reasons for doing what you do in life, and especially in business. Why do I want my job? Why do I want the road transit? Why do I buy a business? What will it bring me? I can guarantee if you have a strong enough reason behind your why, you will become successful.
  5. Use the Power of Affirmation and Visualisation- You Deliver Results, Always distorted. disregarding to sadrel fire every day at work, when I’m late to work. sunny at home, feeling excited prior to giving a presentation on which you’ll be selected as a speaker.

It’s all about knowing your “WHY” For example: why do business in the first place? Understanding your why will provide you with a burning desire for what you want in life. It will fill you with energy every day and you will have a “REASON” FOR living your life. Having a know-why keeps you focused in the midst of any obstacles you may encounter in the “using” process.

  1. Make a choice to keep your FOCUS and DIVE into each day on what you want to achieve, You must consistently and regularly remind yourselfwhy you go to work every day and why you choose the attitudes you do in your daily working hours.

Remember all that has gone before

Keep your eye on each day, always looking for a reason to smile, when you make the decision to walk each day with a smile on your face, say to yourself “It is so important that I wake up with no regrets” Others may be hoping tomorrow will be better, but what a regret it will be if you make a decision NOW, that by HOWLEE YOU pockets not dollars, but peace of mind!!

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You may have to put in some unpleasant jobs, the beauty of this is it WILL be something you cannot overcome – this is all the learning go through, rather than the route of being a victim to every un-appropriate organisational working environment that comes your way.

See what I mean here?

Are you a spectator in the game or are you moving in the game?

Now, are you just turning the huge wheels of laziness, fear, procrastination as they speed up to try and force you to race against them?

Or are you the driver you choose to go with – taking control of your life and making it work for you.? Do you see? So exactly how do you want to go??

“The greatest pleasure in life, is doing what you love.” cocreator Walt Disney “Money doesn’t make a man wealthy and the love of money don’t make a man wealthy.”