I Never Bet on Sports

I Never Bet on Sports

Have you ever wondered how theSports Betting”smart money” became the smart money? Do you wonder what the sports betting smart money does differently than the amateurs?

Here is an interesting tidbit about the sports betting smart money. They don’t bet on every game. They bet on a select few games where they know they have an edge.

You will never beat the sharp bettor in the long run. The sharp bettor wins because he is in the know and he bets on the insider picks. He is always betting on the same eight to ten games every night. His edge is built in the fact that he knows the inner workings of the sportsbook better than the sharp bettor.

The sports betting smart money doesn’t bet on every game. And they don’t bet on games they don’t know anything about. Some of the smart money is betting on sports that nobody else is betting on. They aren’t betting on the NFL, NBA or MLB. They are betting on the NHL, NCAA Basketball and Major League Baseball.

Once you understand that concept, the whole reason to handicap games becomes clear. You are handicapping successfully only when you bet on the games that you have determined to focus on.

The best handicappers live and die by their ability to identify the edges. If they are good at picking winners, they are also good at identifying the edges, thus they are successful. The novice handicapper simply bets on a bunch of games he knows nothing about. It sounds obvious, but if you are winning at 80% or better, you are making money, yet the novice will never come out ahead.

It is the sharp bettor that makes money, not the novice. Yet by focusing on games that others avoid, he realizes he will come out ahead over time. He is building his edge. The sports betting smart money does this at least some of the time, while others may or may not, but they never go all in on a game simply because they don’t know why it is a good bet.


There are many items to consider when shopping for a handicapper. Most importantly, does he or she offer a known edge? Once you ascertain Colts underdogs or Patriots advantages, that is all you need to go on. It doesn’t matter what your source of information is, if the source is not known for his ability to pick winners, you are going to get nailed over the long term.


The price is the major qualification. The least expensive handicapper will not be able to Benson a known edge, or Trachsel early enough in the season to have an edge, while a more expensive handicapper will have the edge in most cases. While the more expensive a handicapper is, the greater the advantages he or she has, this is balanced by the price for the services.


This can be quantified by number of years, as well as percentage of winning seasons. Twenty plus years of handicapping experience can qualify a provider, while a short years experience can be a plus, especially if the handicapper has more winning seasons under his or her belt.minsonswageringdothat are relatively new, are often in the sports betting business for a couple of years, yet they can have a greater grasp of the game than those, who are in thesports betting business for a long time.

Billing Reasons

Understanding how to calculate the cost of the service is a must, as it is the starting point for determining the price. Many handicappers have the cost of their services included in the price, while benefit programs offer benefit packages to their customers. The benefit packages include not only the handicapping services, but also a package including books, additional picks, and what the providers call, “The Wheel,” which is used to determine the final selection of each game. The cost of this wheel is typically kept in the middle of the providers’ prices, making it accessible to all the customers.


How much you will receive as a benefit when you place a bet is often dependent upon the provider’s commission and your initial bets. The most typical benefit is a refund of your money, although sometimes the service provider will offer a percentage of your money as a signing bonus. Every service is different and it is important to understand the difference when making an initial bet with a book and with a service.

In closing, it’s important to stress that it takes time to handicap games the proper way. Stories of people taking years to learn how to do so are much more believable than ones of people who are suddenly rich by a QQDewa betting system. Take it easy, and be sure when using any new program, you test it out for a while to see how it handles your money.