5 Tips For Creating an Custom Attitude

5 Tips For Creating an Custom Attitude

In life, we’re all part of a collective. Just as the people in your work or social circles are representative of you, and the people you meet are representatives of the other people you’ve ever met, your social circle is a reflection of yourself. Everyone you know and meet is a reflection of who you are.

On the flip side, everyone you don’t know, or haven’t met–those people you’ve come across on a casual basis like those you work with–can influence you in ways you don’t always appreciate. Your attitude, what you bring to the table from day one and beyond, combined with whom you associate with, can have a dramatic impact on the direction of your life.

Think about it: Just as you can become an amoeba of negativity and negative thoughts and beliefs that can wreak havoc on your life, so can you become a negative geometrical form, characterized by lines and curves, with negative energy and repulsive forces that can put your life into such a whirlpool. Whatever the shape you’re in, you likely have an attitude towards your life and a destiny you don’t like or want. If what happens in your life isn’t what you want, can you begin to change it? The beauty of your inner Being is that through reflection and introspection, you can begin to make changes that serve you, even in profound ways.

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Here are my five favorite tips for creating a custom attitude.

  1. Do yourself a favor, and use your life as an experiment. Before you can change anything else, first you have to change yourself. Therefore, change your life and your environment. Begin to see yourself as you’d like yourself to be. When you change yourself, and see yourself as you want yourself to be, it’s easier to change the course of things. For example, if you need to lose weight, adopt an “attitude of integrity.” By making sure that your all of your needs are met, then you can easily ‘attract” what you want and desire.
  2. BIND NEW THOUGHTS. Thoughts follow intentions, and intentions follow actions. These notions come from your inner world of feelings and emotions, which are created by your subconscious. Once such an intention of your subconscious has become a dominating thought pattern with you, it runs automatically on its own, producing feelings and circumstances on its own, and for its own self-interests. You need to establish new thoughts and habits that will influence yourself, thus creating new beliefs. After establishing the new patterns in your life, you need to feed them daily, so they become strong and all-embracing.
  3. TAKE A LOOK IN THE EYEL variables. The more you can see about yourself, the more you can change. Begin to get beyond the surface and create less-than-ideal feelings by letting go of low-level feelings you don’t like or don’t want and focusing on what you do want. It is not always easy, but in the end, it’s worth it. Then you can begin to gently push aside any negative thoughts that arise. Don’t give your mind one excuse to say, “I’m a failure.” Many times that’s forcedJ.O.B. (Just Over Broke) to occur-in order to avoid. This process will train your mind how to think rather than defaulting to up-level feelings and emotions. Rewards can be summarised as positive energy vibrating all through you, and those actions of being practical and taking care of yourself are important.
  4. BE IN THE MOMENT. When you set a goal, and the journey of attaining it is enjoyable, and your goal-achieving state of mind is congruent with this new mindset, your subconscious mind knows this and gets you to your goal. It understands that when your thoughts and feelings are congruent with your inner goal-engine, success, happiness and creativity are at your disposal. This is why the law of ‘The Secret’ didn’t work for everyone. The true power of a goal is not in the goal in itself, but in the quality of the feelings and emotions it engenders.
  5. THEN PUT WELL. If you follow the Guy Finley quote and live in the moment, then you’ll always be able to get out of the circumstances you find yourself in more easily. This will ensure that you’ll live a happier, fuller and healthier life, and achieve your goals that I’ve described in the previous paragraphs.

These are my personal tweaks to ‘The Secret’, and if these tips are helpful to you, then by all means pass them on.