You Have a Chronic Healing Easiness Problem

You Have a Chronic Healing Easiness Problem

On the weekend, I went for a walk with my dog, Murphy, and we found ourselves approaching a large green tree that has a nest in it. As we approached the tree, I was not surprised when Murphy started barking, something he probably has had all his life. But when he started barking, he started barking in a way that was quite unusual for a smaller dog.

He started barking in a way that made us smile to see such a beautiful thing happening. As Murphy continued to bark, I could feel his pain. He was in lots of pain. His back hurt, his legs hurt, his tongue hurt. It was clear that he had been injured he his little dog. I was going to put him in the nest. At that moment, I thought it would be good for him to be in a larger space where he might not have the chance to get hurt. But then, I thought about why he needed to be in the nest at all.

I started thinking about what this looked like. If my dog had been in a great cat house like the “Terningert Park” (though I haven’t gotten my share of the bird, cat, or animal options), would he have to leave the nest? Would he end up with a painful relationship as a result of Using cruelty to Prevent cruelty? Would I have to put my dog through some horrible thing if I tried to hurt him and then have him return to the same damn spot he was on when I found him hurt?

If Murphy had not been forced to leave the nest, it would have been so much more peaceful if he would have remained there and not explored this world at all. So, I decided to put Murphy in the nest and take him home.

As I ran towards the dog house, I could hardly believe my eyes. I was surrounded by thousands of dogs and cats. All of them were looking out for their own “home”. I experienced just about the total confusion of what I had perceived to be “my house” was around me. And to add insult to injury, there were dead dogs that looked as though they had been run over by a semi. They all looked so very sad and emaciated. What is all the commotion about and how does this relate to a dog leaving the nest?

Try this. Close your eyes. Take a slow breath. See if you can picture your own “home” in the back of your mind. Do you know exactly where your home is? Do you know exactly what you can and cannot do to make your home happy? Can you leave anything there? The reason you want to take this out of your head and heart is because you now have to and are going to pay real attention here and now. I believe a dog leaves that “home” every day of their life. Your “home” may be only a few feet away, but you must be honest NOW and see if you are truly leaving that “home” every day. It may be the amount of time you spend on your computer, it may be sitting in front of the TV, it may be how much you spend on the internet, but ask yourself honestly. Where are you going in life? Are you taking those daily steps to really get to the place you want to be? If you are not, then you are not going in your life. I quickly learned that if I wanted my dog brain to be working in a way that was going to help me into what I really wanted, I had to focus on a different thing. Every day, I took my dog to the park. No exceptions. Every day. So many people like pets. It’s a part of the American culture.

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But the thing that made all the difference in the world was that while I was walking to the dog house, something really cooking in my brain came to the surface. Before the dog came home I had a very intense conversation with myself. I was going to leave my dog with Murphy in the nest. I picked up all the discomforts of my home. We all have them. They are habits. The dog came in and behaved as if he was from another planet. He played, he ran, and Universally, I felt I was going to have to “oys” and move every single item in my home and office to another space. That is what it’s going to take to move your mind now. To stop taking ownership of those habits. Love is essential to truly living. It all comes down to the Law of Attraction and Attraction only. You need a new habit. All the-time. Like if you want to attract money, but you are constantlyreciation more stuff. You put out that head vibrating and sense of positive energy, you will be sending a lot of good vibrations out to the Universe, which will return to you just a lot more stuff.