Poker Strategy – Playing Trap Hands Like King-Queen, King-Jack, Queen-Jack, Ace-Ten & More

Poker Strategy - Playing Trap Hands Like King-Queen, King-Jack, Queen-Jack, Ace-Ten & More

One of the most frustrating hands to play that most players will find hard to get away from, is the hand known as door dealt. Door dealt is actually a very strong hand, and can be a very strong hand in the right situation. What situation these hands are hinges on exactly how you situationally play your hand.

For example, some situations hinge on whether or not you raise or stay in the hand, while other situations will dictate whether you raise or limp in. The key is that the more you play tight, the more you minimize your losses when your strong hand gets played against an opponent with a lessor hand.

More than that, by playing tight you minimize your losses, you also minimize your opponents profits because they will be drawing out less, and not playing aggressively when their hands are dominated. Letting those big pairs loose is one of the easiest ways to earn big pots and chips. When those pairs get played on the flop by calling cards, or get turned over on the turn, there is noquez that will be present and a lot of dead money will be filling up your chip stack.

The best way to win at these situations is to be the player that makes the least amount of money out of the hand. That way you are maximizing your profit in the smallest situations possible. The only way to do that is to play tight and aggressive 100% of the time.

Other situations in pokerlegenda involving these hands are dependent on your read of the player, or the assumptions you can make from reading your opponent. Sometimes you can bluff your opponent, other times you can trap them with a weak hand, and other times you can get into a hand where you are a 8.5 to 10% favorite.

The goal is to know what cards will allow you to be a favorite in the hand and what cards will make your opponent a dog. Once you know that, you can choose your spots to be aggressive or bluff and win the pot regardless of your hand.

Another benefit of playing tighter is that you will have a harder time developing your image and cementing in your reputation as a tight player. If you are seen as a loose player a lot of players will play back at you with a lot of hands that could take your stack if you are not careful. Being tighter also allows you to win bigger pots because players on a draw will be diminished and defenders of the blind will have a harder time getting a lot of value for their blinds.

So what am I looking for when I play tight? Any ace or king in the hole, definitely not out of position, and I look for a soft flop. I especially look for a flop with two suited cards, because that is more often than not, where I can find a low number of weak hands on the turn and river.

Play tight from the beginning and your tight game will eventually become very strong and tight. You will also score bigger pots because players drop out and drop chips. You are then able to win larger pots or blinds and come out on top.

Tight is a harsh word, but a very necessity. tear it up and toss it every time the cards come out. Tight is not for all situations, but if you cannot take it back you will be a very unsuccessful player. When you consider your options and play accordingly, you will earn your keep and at times even your opponents will get frustrated with you.